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Martedì 26 Luglio 2022 01:12

Seventh European meeting of the Landsknechts

21-24 July, VII Edition of the Landsknechts of Europe.
This year's theme "The doctrine of awakening", inspired by the title of Evola's book.
Participants from 8 countries.

Particular importance was given to the discipline. The participants, as usual, were divided into four strictly mixed teams by gender, age, nationality and belonging to political groups, each led by a team leader.
Since the chosen theme was Romanitas, each team was entrusted to a Centurion, flanked by a lieutenant, the Optio, with whom the hierarchy was consequently more organic and effective. There were no dead moments throughout the meeting.

Here are the names chosen for the legions, which I also put in the final ranking order (note that curiously the result not only saw - Genius Loci! - the legions of the different Gauls in the lead, but respected the numerical order of the legions !):

Legio V Alaudae, also known as V Gallica or simply V, was a Roman legion, created by Julius Caesar in 52 BC, composed of transalpine Gauls. The nickname Alaudae (“larks”) derives from the high crest, typical of the Galli warriors, which decorated the helmets of the legionaries. The same word used in French to indicate the lark (alouette) derives from the Latin alaudae, itself a loan from the language of the Gauls.

Legio VI Ferrata
recruited in August 47 BC by Cesare, in the provinces of Gaul Cisalpina and Illyricum. It owes its name to the heavy metal armament of the soldiers.
The legion had a bull as a symbol, but it also carried the effigy of the Capitoline Wolf.

Legio X Fretensis ("dello Strait") was a Roman legion created by Augustus in 41/40 BC. to fight against Sextus Pompey, and existed at least until the beginning of the fifth century. Its symbol was the boar.

Legio XII Fulminata ("bringer of lightning") was a Roman legion formed by Gaius Julius Caesar in 58 BC. and active until the beginning of the 5th century to guard the crossing of the Euphrates at Melitene. The emblem of the legion was lightning.

The competitions were of various kinds (athletic, skill and cultural).
There was a Medieval Sword Demonstration on Saturday morning.

The topics addressed in the group reflections (with app for automatic traditions) were the following:

  • The end of democratic illusions. Authority in the face of authoritarianism
  • Technology enslaves whoever wants to be a slave
  • Autonomy as the new foundation of the State and the Imperium
  • Europe as a Third Position between the East and NATO
  • The geopolitical challenges and our return to history

Our issues with a view to AWAKENING, that is, the removal from Hyponosis and Conditioned Reflexes. “We do not care what we like or dislike or how we would like things to go, what matters is to understand what happens and distinguish between dangers and opportunities in order to try to seize the latter. This is possible only if we understand that YOU ARE YOUR FIRST ENEMY, and, therefore, if we work on ourselves, acquiring the right Weltanschauung, with which we must simultaneously fight for the affirmation of a dynamic without delegating to it their expectations and to revolutionize their profound meaning. The terminal rights always go against the sense of history and in the name of variants of dominant principles or values ​​and therefore always subversive, albeit retrograde. Exactly the opposite must be done: go in the sense of history by imposing principles and implementations that are eternal and traditional in their revolutionary impact ”.
Anyone wishing a brief summary of the development of the issues can ask for it.

We had the great privilege and the great emotion of a dean of over 90 years who was Fiamma Bianca in the Republic, sniper, Far, Peronist in Argentina (and found himself in Bolivia together with a very young Guevara), then Son of the Sun in the group Straits of Evola, and after other political militants, still arises in CasaPound today.

On Saturday we delivered three pennants to realities that in Poland and Spain constantly operate with the lansquenet spirit, through which we want to regenerate Europe starting with ourselves.
We then set ourselves concrete objectives for the future ranging from the export of the Italian example of Radio Kultura Europa to the articulation and strengthening of the Accademy Europa.

After the songs and the midnight spaghetti, the appointment for 2023: from 27 to 30 July.

Trucks forward!


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